Develop your managers to their highest potential

The development of managers is key to helping your organization achieve its potential. We take this seriously, and have crafted our learning programs to maximize growth in your organization.

Our Approach

Our live training is modeled using the 70-20-10 approach, created by experts at the Center for Creative Leadership.

It’s been proven that leadership success can be found when managers are equipped with training that includes:

70% - hands on practice with expert support and accountability
20% - collaboration and discussion with workplace peers
10% - expert resources (coaches, workshops, materials, etc)

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Webinars alone are not sufficient to equip your managers to thrive as leaders.

We focus on helping participants apply each management technique through continuous small group discussions and application exercises to create long-lasting habits.

At Eager Labs, you won’t simply watch a video. Your managers will engage in training that inspires growth and will walk away with practical steps to becoming confident and effective leaders.

leadership development

Monthly training for
your entire team

Small group discussions with
community leaders


Managers will be joined by leaders from various organizations, all coming together with a common goal - to reach their full potential as leaders. 

Every two weeks, leaders will participate in live training sessions taught by our experienced coaches, where they will learn and discuss how to apply crucial leadership concepts with their peers, receiving coaching and feedback along the way.

Emerging Leaders
For leaders interested in exploring management roles.

Learn effective communication skills, cultivate high emotional intelligence, inspire ownership and accountability, and more.

Developing Leaders

For new managers or those looking to grow their foundational skills. 

Understand how to lead authentically, give positive and constructive feedback, delegate effectively, and more.

Advanced Leaders

For experienced managers at director-level and above.

Grow in self management, cultivating trust, creating a strong mission and vision, and more.

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Proven Results Logo in color began evaluating leadership training programs in 2019. They sent leaders to multiple programs, including Eager Labs' Developing Leaders cohort for consideration and after a few months of evaluation found that graduates of the Eager Labs' programs retained more knowledge and demonstrated more behavior change than any others.

They signed up for a Premium Membership and through a period of rapid growth, they've entrusted us with helping more than 50 leaders at varied levels learn to lead with authenticity, deliver actionable feedback, coach for growth, understand diverse communication styles, and more.

Heading into a third year of premium membership, continues to invest in their entire team, partnering with Eager Labs for cohorts, workshops, and private individual support.


Our expert-led workshops focus on the specific leadership skills your managers need to succeed.

We have carefully planned out a series of standalone workshops for the year that will take your leadership team to the next level.

These workshops will give your leaders the opportunity to learn about developing themselves, others, and their organizations.

View our upcoming calendar of workshops.


Self-directed discussions with fellow CONNECT community members tailored to hyper-focused topics, such as difficult conversations with superiors and virtual onboarding.

Participants share experiences and serve as thought partners to help each other learn and take action on the topic being discussed.

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Join our Membership Community

If you’re a leader in your organization, tasked with the job of finding the most effective way to develop your teams, you’re a great fit. 

Our membership model makes it easy for you to offer learning programs to all of your managers or simply sign up for a solo-seat.  

We offer a variety of options for training. Register for a solo seat in a workshop or cohort, or join our Membership to gain access to year round training.


Register for a seat at one of our upcoming workshops.


Gain access to all of our workshops this year.


Offer your team access to our entire calendar of training.

Our coaches will help you find the right fit for your organization.

Maya headshot

“I have to admit that I always thought remote leadership programs would be ineffective, but Eager Labs has proven me wrong!  Their ability to engage and connect with participants was remarkable. In addition to learning about leadership, I gained tools and the confidence to be present remotely with my team.”

-  Maya Ram
Head of Talent, BlueVine

David headshot

“I deeply appreciated the opportunity to attend the Eager Labs' manager training program. The content, facilitation, and support were all excellent! It was definitely time well spent towards my growth as a leader.”

- David Maidment

Pardees headshot

“I was skeptical about leadership training, but Connect was the best thing I've ever done to run my business. Thanks to Eager Labs, I was able to immediately implement changes that greatly improved my management skills, which made my team more effective and successful.”

- Pardees Safizadeh
CEO & Founder, Albaloo

Jeff headshot

“I’ve learned more about how to be an effective manager in the first two sessions of this program than in my entire MBA.”

- Jeff Ellis
Controller, Righthand Robotics

Jenny headshot

"I've received wonderful feedback from our first few participants in CONNECT. Even managers’ direct reports have noticed a positive improvement in their managers' behavior. Great impact so far. Thanks for making this available!”

- Jennifer Olson
HR Business Partner, Guinness World Records


Will this work for me and my team?
What level of leadership is this for?
Do you provide in-person training?
Are the sessions recorded?
Which package is best for me?
How long does the training take?
Can I sign up as an individual?
Is the training fully-remote?

We’re excited to work with you!

Eager Labs began in 2017 helping teams implement feedback programs and establish talent development programs. This work quickly highlighted the skill gap for new managers and the negative impact of insufficient manager training.

We began offering leadership training to address this gap and in 2019 we launched our first remote learning cohorts, bringing together diverse groups of managers for a series of live interactive experiences, providing them with foundational tools and frameworks, enabling their growth as leaders.

Michelle headshot

Michelle CampbellFounder, VP Talent

Michelle found her love of teaching after becoming a flight instructor, runs a feminist romance bookclub, and loves singing, much to the dismay of her family.

Leah Headshot

Lea TerzakisFacilltator

Lea loves unique perspectives and fighting for those in need, which almost lead her to become a lawyer. She loves exploring coffee shops with an encouraging book and is a chronic smiler.

Sean Headshot

Sean LindsayFounder, CEO

Sean created a mentoring program for startup founders, has traveled to more than 30 countries, and officiated 5 weddings.

Laura Headshot 1

Laura ParrotL&D ConsultantLaura is the former VP of Leadership & Management at Hubspot and was Global Lead for Manager & Leadership Development Programs at Google before that. She is also an experienced yoga and barre teacher with a personal passion for archaeology.

Sara Headshot

Sarah DavisFacilitatorSarah is a learning designer, leadership coach and organizational/operational problem solver. She keeps busy as a working mom, but spends her free time consuming any book she can get her hands on and would always rather be outside.

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